The Dissertation Writing Retreat is an initiative sponsored by The Graduate School to support graduate students in meeting their dissertation writing productivity goals. For three intensive days, doctoral students from all disciplines will meet in a quiet space for extended blocks of time that are dedicated to writing. During the retreat, participants will share their daily writing goals and progress, receive feedback to address challenges, and attend short lunchtime workshops. The retreat is also a platform for formal and informal reflection and discussion about writing, which can help to improve one’s writing skills. Students nearing completion of dissertation writing are especially encouraged to apply, however all graduate students in the dissertation writing stage or working on research writing for publication are encouraged to apply. The workshop topics may change or be added in response to participant needs.

In the short-term, the retreat is intended to increase students’ writing productivity in order to meet impending deadlines. In the long-term, the retreat is meant to motivate students to develop a regular writing routine that can be sustained throughout their academic preparation and careers.

The retreat will take place once in the fall and once in the spring semester each year.