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    1. Ambassadors Charles and Sue Cobb

      Feature listing thumbnail Ambassadors Charles and Sue Cobb, recipients of the 2010 Frost Legacy Award, have contributed more than $4 million to the University of Miami. Cobb Foundation and Cobb Stadium are two beloved UM campus landmarks made possible by their generosity.
    2. Dr. and Mrs. Phillip T. George

      Feature listing thumbnail Winter Wonderful Platinum Table patrons Dr. and Mrs. Phillip T. George are generous supporters of the visual and performing arts in South Florida. 'We always enjoy Winter Wonderful and are delighted to support its scholarship mission.' -- Dr. and Mrs. Phillip T. George
    3. Joseph Deitch

      Feature listing thumbnail Deitch is founder and chairman of Commonwealth Financial Network. He is also chairman of Southworth Development, a leader in the golf and residential resort and real estate business.
    4. Marta and Karl Wulf

      Feature listing thumbnail Philanthropists Marta and Karl Wulf are multifaceted philanthropists, loyal patrons of the arts, and community leaders. They are steadfast supporters of the University of Miami Frost School of Music and longtime patrons of the Frost School’s Winter Wonderful holiday gala.
    5. Michael and Lynda Gordon

      Feature listing thumbnail "We enjoy supporting Winter Wonderful and the Shalala MusicReach mentoring program, and are excited about being part of the Frost School of Music family." -Lynda and Michael S. Gordon, M.D.
    6. Osiason Foundation

      Feature listing thumbnail Lee J. Osiason, president and director of the Osiason Educational Foundation, supports Frost MusicReach through the Frost School's Winter Wonderful Holiday Dinner.
    7. Patti and Allan Herbert

      Feature listing thumbnail "Every successful alumnus owes it to their university to repay them in some way for the education and opportunities they received while in school," reflects long-time Winter Wonderful patron and UM donor Allan Herbert.
    8. Phillip and Patricia Frost

      Feature listing thumbnail "The arts play a vital role in the life of a community, and music in particular is a unifying force that transcends age, race, and culture. Patricia and I wanted to create a legacy that would enhance and sustain the School's important work" --Dr. Phillip Frost
    9. Robert and Judi Prokop Newman

      Feature listing thumbnail A scholarship from the University of Miami "changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole different world." -- Judi Prokop Newman, ardent supporter of the arts and proud UM alumna.
    10. Shalala MusicReach

      Feature listing thumbnail The Shalala MusicReach Mentorship Program uses music as a motivating tool to encourage teens to graduate from high school and continue on to college.

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