Sue and Charles Cobb


Charles E. Cobb, Jr. and Sue M. Cobb are former U.S. ambassadors to Iceland and Jamaica, respectively.

Ambassador Charles Cobb is the CEO and Senior Managing Director of Cobb Partners, Ltd., an investment firm with interests in real estate, international finance, resorts, and tourism-related businesses.  He was previously Chairman and CEO of Arvida Corporation and Disney Development Company. Chuck Cobb has served on the University of Miami’s Board of Trustees for over 34 years and is a past Chairman of the Board.

Ambassador Sue Cobb is a graduate of University of Miami School of Law. She is a lawyer, sportswoman, and author who chronicled her 1988 attempt to be the first woman from the United States to reach the summit of Mount Everest with a book entitled The Edge of Everest.

Chuck and Sue Cobb have contributed over $4 million to the University of Miami.  Cobb Fountain and Cobb Stadium are two beloved UM campus landmarks.  They have also endowed scholarships in a variety of academic areas.  Their generosity to other nonprofit organizations is wide-reaching and impactful.

The Frost School honored the amazing legacy of these special humanitarians with the Frost Legacy Award 2010.

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