Welcome to Winter Wonderful!

This holiday season, I am reflecting on the importance of music in our society more than ever.  MUSIC, like nothing else in the world, can bring people of all cultures and creeds together.  It binds us when we experience its magical power, and comforts us in times of loss, change and confusion.

Music lifts us to the highest emotional heights like no other artistic or academic pursuit.  Understanding its transcendent effect deeply motivates me to perform, teach, and lead the dynamic Frost School of Music, which is emblematic of all that is good in humankind.  The Frost School is a safe haven where beauty and personal expression is encouraged…and expected.  We know that music plays an important role in keeping the human “heartlight” alive throughout the world.  Training the musicians of tomorrow with this kind of passion is a goal and responsibility I take very seriously.

The holiday season is a time to reconnect with your faith, your family and your enthusiasm for the future. I invite you to renew your sense of wonder and connect to others in our community at the Winter Wonderful Frost Holiday Dinner.

Each of us has special memories of holidays gone by which we hold dear in our hearts.  This year I am inviting you to purchase tickets and give generously to this beautiful gala that benefits our music scholarship fund, and in the process, make new memories with friends, surrounded by the warmth and energy of our 200-voice choir and holiday orchestra.

Your spirit will be renewed.  Your heart will be opened.  You will even shed a few tears of joy! Your generosity will be amply rewarded with the knowledge that you are supporting the one thing in life that makes us more humane than any other energy force in our universe…MUSIC.  Thank you for helping to spread beauty throughout our treasured community.

I look forward to seeing you at Winter Wonderful!


Shelton G. Berg
Dean, Frost School of Music
Patricia L. Frost Professor of Music