Body Tune-Up

Songs and sounds that can help amputees walk better, safer, stronger? Frost School of Music researchers merge music, engineering, and medical disciplines…

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“CHANGED my life!  Loved, loved, loved my summer!  Would go again tomorrow!”
    Samantha, age 23

“What a difference this program has made for me as a performer.  The information that I have learned is SO valuable!”
    Theresa, age 27

“This summer I met Jonas Kaufmann, heard Elina Garanca and Thomas Hampson sing, climbed in the Alps and sang my heart out!  The best summer of my life!  Thank you a million times over!”
    Matt, age 19

“This program is really great…learning German here has been great and my experience has been positive.”
    Travis, age 21

“My family stay was excellent and enriching.  The faculty is excellent.”
    Lisa, age 24

“I had a really wonderful time.  Last summer I did a program that was not nearly as organized or well-prepared.  This has truly been the experience of a lifetime for me!  It more than met my expectations and I will recommend it to every singer I know!”
      Ashley, age 19

“This program helped me to grow both vocally and as an artist.  It was definitely worth the cost!”
      Judith, age 19

“This program definitely met, if not exceeded my expectations!  I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  It was a great opportunity to devote myself to music without the distractions and other responsibilities.”
      Anna, age 26

“I think that I have grown more here musically in 5 weeks, than I have in 2 years back home.”
      David, age 24

“The opportunities to see live performances of operas, recitals, etc…..were unsurpassed.  It was SO wonderful to actually see someone you’ve looked up to for a long time perform live on stage.”
      Ross, age 28

“The whole program was beyond fabulous.  The Austrian experience was incredible.”
      Rachel, age 22

“I’ve been very pleased with my lessons and coaching….great program compared to others!”
      Douglas, age 22

“This program is worth every penny.  It seems like a lot of money, but there is incredible value here!”
      Maria, age 27

“I took advantage of using the trains and traveling around the area.  I loved the program and am grateful to have had this experience and opportunity!”
      Theresa, age 32

“I was so busy…..maybe there could be a nap or something like that in the schedule!!!!”
      David, age 22

“I was around wonderfully talented, educated people, immersed in a different culture, living with a great host family.  It was wonderful to always be in a musical atmosphere during this summer!”
      Stephanie, age 21