Entering the Online Frontier

"Frost Online" makes the Frost School the first school at the University of Miami to offer the accessibility and flexibility of the virtual classroom.

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During your stay in Salzburg, the program will offer 2-3 afternoon master classes every week. You will participate in master classes with distinguished guest artists as well as with musicians from the prestigious Salzburg Festival.  (Master Class artists from the 2014 Festival will be announced following publication of the Festival listing of artists.)

Master class artists from previous summers include:

      Renée Fleming
      Thomas Hampson        
      Laura Aiken
      Eric Cutler
      Helen Donath
      Angelika Kirschschlager
      Helmut Deutsch
      Harold Heiberg
      David Aronson
      Patricia Wise
      Sylvia Greenberg
      Sylvia Stone
      Delores Ziegler
      Norman Shetler
      Barbara Daniels
      Martin Katz
      Bruce Ford
      Robert Brubaker
      Marjana Lipovsek
      James King
      Jerry Hadley
      Bejun Mehta
      Simon O’Neill
      James Valente
      Christa Ludwig
      Sir Thomas Allen
      Alfred Brendel