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Frost Opera Theater recognizes that today’s opera world is vibrant, eclectic, and ever-changing, offering tomorrow’s opera singer with training and experience for multiple career choices in tradition and innovation.  Frost opera performance activities reflect the broad range of programming in the 21st century, from Baroque opera to the most progressive works of our time.

The mission of Frost Opera Theater is three-fold:

(1) to stimulate, engage, and educate students to the possibilities before them as aspiring performers in the world of opera;

(2) to provide students with the diversity of training and staged performance experience necessary to pursue advanced study and/or professional engagements; and

(3) to maintain creative/educational alliances within the Frost School of Music, the University of Miami community, as well as throughout South Florida and beyond.

To this aim, Frost Opera Theater maintains these current objectives and goals:

(1) to provide a comprehensive and versatile skills training curriculum.

(2) to offer multiple academic year performance programs consisting of arias, scenes, chamber, one-act and multi-act operas.


The Frost Opera Theater curriculum is designed to realize its mission. 

All Vocal performance Majors register for Opera Theater curriculum classes.  Students are divided into groups, generally according to degree program and level, and attend opera workshop classes twice a week.  Issues related to stagecraft are addressed, including:

      • Characterization
      • Improvisation
      • Body movement and dance
      • Alexander technique
      • Period styles
      • Make-up
      • Auditioning

These classes are taught by various members of the diverse Department of Vocal Performance faculty.