Body Tune-Up

Songs and sounds that can help amputees walk better, safer, stronger? Frost School of Music researchers merge music, engineering, and medical disciplines…

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Welcome to the Department of Vocal Performance!

We are home to the nearly 200 voice students pursuing one of the diverse undergraduate and graduate degree options in the Frost School of Music.  Many additional student singers from throughout the University of Miami participate in our esteemed choral and opera programs, or they study voice as a music minor or as an elective. 

For the undergraduate student who aspires to sing in the world’s concert halls, opera houses, and other exciting performance venues, we offer the Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.  Other students are talented and motivated singers, but they choose to pursue one of the Frost School of Music’s non-performance degrees, such as music education, music therapy, music business, music engineering, or liberal arts.  For these students, voice is their principal instrument, and they perform regularly as soloists and in ensembles.

Our graduate students have already proven themselves to be highly accomplished artists.  They come to the Frost School of Music to further hone their skills, to discover new perspectives, and to gain a competitive edge for the next step in their professional careers.  Candidates for our advanced degrees in performance, conducting, and pedagogy are leaders in the various programs of the Department of Vocal Performance, and they, in turn, go on to become leaders in their respective areas of specialty. 

Numerous varied and rewarding ensemble performance opportunities for singers are available in the Frost School of Music.  These include Frost Opera Theater, Frost Chorale, Symphonic Choir, Chamber Singers, Cantilena Women’s Chorus, Maelstrom Men’s Chorus, and jazz vocal ensembles.

Our faculty is comprised of an array of world-class performers, conductors, and educators who are collectively dedicated to fostering the artistic and personal development of every student.  The Department of Vocal Performance works closely with the Miller School of Medicine Otolaryngologists and Speech Pathologists, insuring that the voice students have access to resources necessary for healthy vocal development and function.  In voice lessons and coachings, and in choral and opera rehearsals, the interaction between student and teacher in the Department of Vocal Performance is at once demanding, inspiring, and rewarding.

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