Violin Studio of Scott Flavin

Welcome Prospective Students!

Your interest in attending the Frost School of Music is greatly appreciated. I invite you to visit our beautiful campus and to audition for the Frost School of Music.  Once accepted, I look forward to working with you.

I believe that as an aspiring musician at the Frost School, the heart of your musical experience will be in your private lessons.  In my teaching studio, lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, and to the long-term goals of building your technique and musicality.

One of the reasons I play the violin is that I’m constantly learning and growing; it is impossible to know everything, yet the journey to ever-increasing knowledge and vision is unceasing and stimulating.  One of my main goals in the studio is to pass on to my students the keys to embarking on that journey – this involves not “giving answers” but teaching you to ask questions of yourself; in short to teach you to think and act with greater awareness and effectiveness, and prepare you for the challenges of the professional world.

My studio is structured in several ways:

- weekly one-hour private lessons, with accompanist

- weekly studio class, where students play for each other and myself

- weekly scale class, where the skills for honing technique in scales and arpeggios are worked on

- each student is assigned a “practice buddy”, younger students work with more experienced students, to bounce ideas off of each other and play for each other weekly
- studio performances, where each student performs a solo work for an audience

In addition, violin students can take advantage of the huge number of fantastic events here at Frost:

- our artist-in-residence, world renowned violinist and composer Mark O’Connor

- guest masterclasses, which have included such notable violinists as Midori, Shlomo Mintz, Dmitri Sitkovetsky, and Joseph Silverstein

- performances by world-class soloists, the Bergonzi Quartet, and faculty

- the Cleveland Orchestra residency

The Frost School also offers tremendous opportunities for cutting-edge performance, including the Henry Mancini Institute, jazz improv with Glenn Basham, working with our wonderful composition program, and of course the critically-acclaimed Frost Symphony Orchestra with Thomas Sleeper.

As you can see, the Frost School is a truly amazing place, where you can hone your skills, realize your dreams, and exceed your expectations. As a teacher here, I’m the luckiest of all, as I get to witness and share in your growth as you embark on your journey to excellence!

Scott Flavin
Professor of Violin
Resident Conductor and Artistic Coordinator, The Henry Mancini Institute
Frost School of Music
University of Miami