Cello Studio of Ross Harbaugh

Dear Prospective Cello Student,

I welcome your interest in the Frost Cello Studio, and I hope to answer some of your questions about how I teach, and what you can expect as a cello student at the Frost School of Music.

Each semester is a bit different, but I always hold a cello class on Monday evenings at 5:00 pm. During these classes we play for each other, explore cello technique, share discoveries, help each other stay on track with scales and etudes, and play cello ensembles.

Every student has a least one cello lesson each week, and depending on the semester, can participate in Orchestra Audition Preparation classes, a Bach Suites Class, String Pedagogy, and Classical Improvisation.

Each student plans out a repertoire goal for each semester which usually includes part, or all, of a Bach Suite, a major concerto, a sonata, short pieces, etudes and technical studies. Students are encouraged to attend each other’s lessons, and to perform as often as possible in as many genres as possible.

Your college years are a precious time in your life to develop skills and an understanding of your instrument, and all the music you can perform on it. I will do everything I can to make these the most productive and rewarding years possible.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing you play, and helping you develop your unique cellistic voice.

Ross Harbaugh
Professor of Cello and Chamber Music
Cellist, Bergonzi String Quartet
Director, Strings Program
Frost School of Music
University of Miami