Libby Larsen


Libby Larsen was invited as a Stamps Distinguished Visitor during the 2010-2011 season at the University of Miami Frost School of Music as one of America’s most performed living composers. She has created a catalogue of more than 400 works spanning virtually every genre from intimate vocal and chamber music to massive orchestral works and 12 operas. A Grammy Award winner who is constantly sought after for commissions and premieres by major artists, ensembles, and orchestras around the world, and she has established a permanent place for her works in the concert repertory.

“Music exists in an infinity of sounds. I think of all music as existing in the substance of the air itself. It is the composer’s task to order and make sense of the sound, in time and space, to communication something about being alive through music,” Larsen has said.

As a vigorous, articulate advocate for the music and musicians of our time, Larsen in 1973 co-founded the Minnesota Composers Forum, not the American Composers Forum, which has become an invaluable aid for composers in a transitional time for American arts. A former holder of the Papamarkou Chair at John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress, Larsen has also held residencies with the Minnesota Orchestra, the Charlotte Symphony, and the Colorado Symphony.

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