Nurturing the Next Generation of Music Leaders

The primary goal of the Stamps Distinguished Programs at the Frost School of Music is to help attract the most academically and artistically talented student-musicians to the Frost School, where they’ll sharpen their professional skills by participating in special entrepreneurial units and chamber ensembles. These exceptional performance opportunities uniquely prepare them for success as musicians in the 21st century. The Stamps Distinguished Programs also support on-campus lectures, performances, and master classes by world-renowned guest artists, which create memorable educational experiences for students while also serving as a rich cultural asset for the community.

“Inspired by the impact that our university experiences had on our own lives, we have chosen to support exceptional students in their pursuit of higher education.  We have worked with great universities to create programs offering enriched educational experiences for Stamps Scholars.  It is our hope that today’s Stamps Scholars will become mentors and supporters of the next generation of promising young students.”

Stamps Family Charitable Foundation
Penelope W. Stamps
E. Roe Stamps IV