The Department of Musicology at the University of Miami Frost School of Music offers Master of Music in Musicology (M.M.), a doctoral cognate in Musicology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music (B.A.) with a Musicology concentration. Within these programs, students have the flexibility to emphasize ethnomusicology, gender studies, American studies, or Latin American studies. We present a broad range of courses to support the wide variety of interests of our students.

The Department is ideally situated to support scholarship in music of the Americas. Miami, located at the crossroads of the Americas and the Caribbean, is the perfect setting for research on a vast array of topics. Besides the talents and interests of our musicology faculty and the courses they teach, we also offer courses on Miami’s musical heritage, Cuban music, Hebrew music, rock, and jazz. The new Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program includes classes on American song traditions and brings in renowned performers and guest artists and lecturers.

Complementing the department’s specialty of music of the Americas are guest speakers, who in the past year have included Howard Pollack (University of Houston), speaking on Gershwin’s dance music; Johann Buis (Wheaton College), discussing music of the U. S. Virgin Islands; and Larry Crook (University of Florida), presenting his research on Afro-Brazilian percussion music.  The faculty believes in the interconnectedness of knowledge and encourages students to explore music from cross-disciplinary perspectives.