The Department of Musicology in the Frost School of Music advances the interdisciplinary study of music, exploring and interpreting the place of music in an increasingly interconnected world. Our faculty offer a wide range of specialties, and is united by a commitment to examining musical societies and cultures from multiple perspectives and to highlighting the changing world of music in its many forms. The department treats the past and present and prepares students for the future. We achieve these goals by training students to demonstrate their in-depth knowledge in the field, to engage with the scholarly community by presenting and publishing their work, and to produce exemplary master’s research.

The Musicology Department offers a world-class training for students first embarking on a career in musicology, providing them with a combination of seminar-style teaching with low student-teacher ratios, a state-of-the art library and facilities, and the kinds of opportunities for musical and interdisciplinary interaction that only a large and forward-looking institution such as the Frost School of Music and the larger University of Miami environment can provide. Our Master's program is highly selective, and we pride ourselves on providing individualized attention and mentoring for each student. This includes preparation for a longer course of study after the Master's, in a PhD program.

The Musicology faculty has strengths in the areas of Latin American music, music of the United States, opera and ballet, French musical culture, music and gender, ecomusicology, performance studies, music and technology, ethnomusicology, music and race, and film music. Located at the crossroads of the Americas and the Caribbean, Miami is the perfect setting for research on these and on a vast array of other topics. The Marta and Austin Weeks Music Library is a beautiful facility with an excellent collection; it is committed to supporting research at all levels. A number of Special Collections complement the library’s holdings and provide unique opportunities for student research.

Each Friday our department hosts a musicology forum, which is a weekly gathering for our scholarly community. There we discuss critical ideas and approaches in the field. Our career sessions, which focus on topics like writing abstracts, help our students get their work accepted at musicology meetings and conferences. We offer a supportive environment in which students get to present their research alongside faculty. We also enrich our academic culture through visits from and exchanges with distinguished guest scholars.

Along with the opportunity to participate in seminars, forums, and exchanges with other colleagues and scholars, we offer students the opportunity to explore the living musical cultures of Miami. Many of our students also choose to enhance their experiences with creative and performance opportunities in the Frost School. The individual attention that students receive builds a strong foundation for their academic success. Many of our graduates enter doctoral programs of distinction and feel well-prepared for the experience after receiving their training at the Frost School of Music.