Music Therapy at UM Frost

Intro to Music Therapy

Dr. Kimberly Sena Moore, assistant professor-in-practice and clinical training director of the Music Therapy program at University of Miami Frost School…

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The Music Engineering program at the University of Miami was founded in 1975 with a Bachelor of Music degree program; since then it has graduated over 400 undergraduate students. The Master of Science degree program was started in 1986 and its dozens of graduates have also helped to grow and maintain UM’s reputation as the “place to go” for those who want a high-level audio technology education. Our undergraduate students have forged professional careers throughout the music recording industry.

Our students have found careers working for many well known and established companies throughout the audio industry. A quick glance at our our Job Placement List should provide some insight to the depth and breadth of the companies which have hired UM graduates.

Students listed with a (GMuE) are graduate students. Some students may appear more than once, reflecting employment changes in their careers. Although many of our students participate in summer internships, these internships do not appear on this list; these are full-time positions held by MuE alumni.

MuE alumni have worked with some of the most influential artists. We’ve illustrated a few of these recognized engineers in our Album Credits List.