There are many aspects to a college/university education, and you will probably have a long list of questions. Here are some FAQs and answers specific to the BA program. Please feel free to write or call as questions arise.

Q: What is the difference between a Voice/Instrument major and a Voice/Instrument principal?
A: The Voice/Instrument “major” is for students whose goal is a performance career, such as in opera, symphony orchestra, or a touring ensemble. The term “principal” is for the other music degree programs – the BA in music or the Bachelor of Music in Music Business, Music Education, Music Engineering, Music Theory, and Music Therapy. This helps distinguish between the different programs; all Frost School students are considered music majors in the more general use of the term.

Q: What are the major work or graduate school options for alumni who have a BA in Music?
A: This varies greatly according to individual student talent, desires, and areas of interest. Some students go on to performance careers or music administration or teaching. Others pursue graduate study and careers related to their minors/double majors. The University’s Toppel Career Planning Services offers many services to students.

Q: How many ensembles can I join?
A: Most students participate in two ensembles. It is very rare that a student is in three ensembles, which is the maximum allowed by the Frost School.

Q: Can I change my major?
A: Yes–it is common for students to shift majors.

Q: What if I have trouble with a class?
A: First, see the professor at the first indication that there could be a problem. Second, the UM Academic Resource Center offers considerable assistance, including tutoring.

Q: Can I graduate with Honors?
A: Yes–the University’s Honors Program and Office of Academic Enhancement gives information about its programs. Students may also qualify for prestigious awards and fellowships.