John Easterlin

The Art of Comprimario

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s multi-Grammy-and-Emmy-winning, Guinness World Record holder John Easterlin transforming his way into another supersized…

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So you’re a talented musician who wants to combine a general music curriculum with a broad liberal arts education…

The Frost School has the answer! Consider a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, a nonprofessional degree, which offers the curriculum flexibility you need for a variety of pre‑professional studies, such as pre‑medical and pre‑legal. Students in this program study music theory, music history, applied music, and have a variety of ensemble experiences. In addition to the music major, students choose a minor outside the School of Music and in some cases, the minor can be expanded to become a second major area. Areas for the minor can be chosen from the University’s various schools and colleges. Popular minors for School of Music students include the programs in the School of Communication, Pre-Medical, Pre‑Law, Business, English Literature, and Psychology. Many other minors as well as majors are available to the School of Music Bachelor of Arts student.  Faculty advisors from the College of Arts and Sciences, Communication, Business, Engineering, Nursing, and Architecture all work closely to ensure that appropriate courses are available to music students.

Students in this program take 129 credits for the degree, distributed as follows:

48 to 54 in music
15 to 20 in the minor area
45 to 46 liberal arts core curriculum courses
12 to 15 academic electives
6 upper level free electives

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The BA in Music Program is part of the Musicology Department.

Dr. Donald Oglesby
305-284-2161, ext. 7930