Doctor of Musical Arts in Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy

If you are an accomplished pianist with curiosity and an open mind to delve into the study of piano pedagogy to further performance and teaching aspirations, then the Frost School of Music is the place for you.

The Doctor of Musical Arts in Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy consists of 60 credit hours of graduate study beyond the Master of Music degree in piano-related degrees, such as solo performance, pedagogy, or collaborative piano. This degree program prepares students for a variety of professional opportunities, such as performance, research, or college teaching.

In addition offering the DMA in Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy, we provide an option for DMA non-pedagogy students to choose a 12-credit Cognate in Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy.

Consistent with our school-wide belief in the value of “experiential” learning, our graduate curriculum in Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy (KPED) is uniquely designed to integrate theoretical studies with performance to the maximum extent possible.  Additionally, all KPED students have the opportunity to request performance study with any one of our outstanding piano faculty members.  Furthermore, our flexible curriculum affords a customized program of pedagogical study based on the background and interests of each student.

Our innovative curriculum includes both traditional and progressive offerings.  Our traditional pedagogy offerings cover topics such as historical and modern private teaching methodologies, didactic repertoire and sequencing, group piano teaching, injury prevention, and peak performance strategies.  To help students acquire and maintain a competitive edge, our curriculum also addresses students’ most current needs and provides access to resources gleaned from the job market and related disciplines. As an example, students may learn about pianist-specific professional preparations including effective use of technology and teaching in higher education.

A wide variety of options exist for hands-on teaching and learning, and our Preparatory Division provides the platform for those interested in a teaching internship for young students. Research ability is deemed an essential skill for graduate-level study. Students have the opportunity to hone their skills in critical thinking and independent research both through various courses in addition to the DMA Project.

For more information, please contact:

Naoko Takao, DMA
Program Director, Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy

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