Candidates for the Artist Diploma in Keyboard Performance must possess highly-developed pianistic and musical skills. Enrollment is only by select audition process. Candidates must submit a DVD (preferred) or a CD recording for pre-screening and to receive an acceptance for a live audition in front of a faculty committee. Candidates for the Artist Diploma degree are not considered for Teaching Assistantship awards although—only in very special circumstances—a candidate may be recommended by the department to receive a tuition scholarship.

The curriculum is designed for the student seeking an intensive, one-year immersion in keyboard performance. The faculty of the Keyboard Performance department is composed of world-class artists/teachers who are dedicated to the principle that the individuality and talent of every student must be recognized, respected, and nurtured, for these qualities form the essence of successful careers in music.

The AD degree requires one solo recital by the end of the one-year curriculum. A weekly performance Forum is held every week where students who are ready to present new repertoire are given the opportunity to do so in front of the faculty and their classmates.  Students may also have the opportunity to perform with two of our renowned ensembles:  the Frost Symphony Orchestra and the Frost Wind Ensemble.  Both groups have featured piano students in concerto performances conducted by members of our illustrious faculty as well as by guest artists such as Leon Fleisher.  The opportunity to collaborate with other talented instrumentalists and vocalists at the Frost School is also readily available and encouraged.

Many performance venues in the greater-Miami area host our students in solo and chamber music performances.  All of our students also benefit greatly from Miami’s rich cultural life, which includes solo, and collaborative concerts by world-famous recitalists and chamber groups, as well as orchestral performances by the New World Symphony and the visiting Cleveland Orchestra. The piano department presents master-classes by visiting artists and pedagogues throughout the year.

The competitive reality of today’s market for performers and teachers has never been more demanding. We are proud that many of our students have gone on to win awards at piano competitions, have been invited to publish in recognized periodicals, and are currently in teaching positions both in the U.S. and abroad. Our mission at the Frost School of Music is to have you join them!

To learn more about one of our students’ recent awards, please visit the following link:
Frost School of Music Student Asiya Korepanova Wins 2012 Wideman International Piano Competition

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