Greetings from the Henry Mancini Institute,

It is my great honor to be a part of the Henry Mancini Institute (HMI) at the Frost School of Music, which is truly preparing our students for the complexities of the new world of music. 

It is extremely appropriate that the Institute be named after Henry Mancini, who was devoted to passing on knowledge to the next generation, and who embodied the spirit and mission of the HMI.  A truly well-rounded musician, Mancini was an impeccable craftsman in all genres as well as an inspired musical artist.  I was fortunate to work with Mr. Mancini, and saw the qualities of intense discipline, continual striving for excellence, and the transcendence of his musicality that inspired those around him.

Thanks to the foresight and vision of Dean Shelly Berg, the Frost School offers this program which addresses the diverse needs of today’s young musician – the ability to be comfortable in many genres, to sightread, to improvise; all skills necessary to achieve success, and more importantly to embrace the new set of musical challenges that await us.

The Henry Mancini Institute has already made a huge presence nationally, with many exciting performances and events on the horizon. I invite you to join with us as we explore the many facets of music in the twenty-first century!

Scott Flavin
Resident Conductor and Artistic Coordinator
Henry Mancini Institute