The Henry Mancini Institute brings together highly talented classical and jazz musicians from around the world who aspire to learn a full range of musical genres– from traditional and contemporary classical styles, to pop, jazz, rock, hip-hop, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Asian, and other world music.  These trailblazers are introducing—and creating—new musical works that are attracting younger, larger and more diverse audiences to the performing arts scene.  They are also preparing themselves for a world where they can create their own musical niches, in addition to performing in orchestras.

In the professional world, musicians are typically scheduled for one or two rehearsals before they go on stage, expected to perform with precision in front of discerning audiences.  Studio musicians are expected to read any kind of music put in front of them the first time with incredible accuracy and great intonation, and then efficiently record.  Arrangers are often expected to turn around their work within days or even overnight.

At the Frost School, HMI orchestral musicians have the opportunity to learn essential classical and contemporary repertoire in the Frost Symphony Orchestra and the Frost Chamber Orchestra… and… they ALSO have the opportunity to step into HMI Orchestra rehearsals and recording sessions that simulate the real world they will be entering shortly.  They hone their sight-reading skills in new genres, expand their rhythmic and stylistic vocabularies, and play with an exacting level of intonation that is an attribute of musicians who have sustained careers.  Those pursuing jazz and studio careers interact with their orchestral peers, and expand their musical horizons as well.

All Mancini Fellows who participate in the HMI are extremely well prepared for auditions, live and studio performance and the ever-changing professional world of music by the time they graduate with a master’s or doctoral degree from the Frost School of Music.