Stephanie Epstein Music Therapy

The Rhythm of the Remedy

Frost School of Music Alumna Mends Through Music at Jackson Health System’s Holtz Children’s Hospital

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Welcome to Graduate Studies

Welcome to Graduate Studies in the Frost School of Music!

Here you will find a thriving community of performers and scholars who are thoroughly committed to elevating all areas of musical expertise.  As you peruse our website, you will see we offer a diverse collection of degree programs, from classical to jazz performance as well as specialty areas, such as music engineering technology, arts presenting, or music therapy.  In all areas, our faculty members are leading experts within their respective disciplines, thus giving our graduate students an unparalleled educational experience.  As a result, graduates of the Frost School are uniquely-prepared to excel as professional musicians, educators, and researchers. 

The Frost School currently offers the following graduate degrees:

Artist Diploma (AD)
This distinctive one-year program provides professional performance training in instrumental, keyboard, or vocal performance, as well as conducting

Master of Arts Degree (MA)
An innovative degree offered for Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management.

Master of Music Degree (MM)
The Master of Music degree offers specialized study in the areas of:
    Conducting:  Instrumental or Choral
    Digital Arts and Sound Design
    Jazz Pedagogy
    Jazz Performance: Instrumental or Vocal
    Collaborative Keyboard
    Keyboard Performance
    Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy
    Media Writing and Production
    Music Business and Entertainment Industries
    Music Education
    Music Therapy
    Performance:  Instrumental or Vocal
    Studio Jazz Writing

Master of Music / Juris Doctor Degree (MM/JD)
A joint music business and juris doctor law degree is offered in a unique collaboration between UM’s Frost School of Music and School of Law.

Master of Arts Presenting / Juris Doctor Degree (MA/JD)
A blended arts presenting and juris doctor degree is also offered in collaboration between UM’s Frost School of Music and School of Law.

Master of Science Degree (MS)
A unique blend of music, computer science, and electrical engineering, the Master of Science degree is offered in Music Engineering Technology (MSMET).

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)
The Doctor of Musical Arts is the highest degree awarded in music performance and is available in the following areas:
    Conducting: Instrumental or Choral
    Collaborative Keyboard
    Jazz Composition
    Jazz Performance: Instrumental or Vocal
    Keyboard Performance
    Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy
    Performance: Instrumental or Vocal
    Vocal Pedagogy and Performance

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
The Doctor of Philosophy is a research-oriented degree offered in Music Education, or Music Education with Music Therapy Emphasis

Contact Graduate Studies

If you are a newly admitted or currently enrolled graduate student, the staff of the Graduate Studies office looks forward to assisting you. Click Graduate Studies Office Staff or Contact Us to if you have questions.

If you are a prospective student, or checking on the status of a current application, please contact the Frost School of Music’s Graduate Admissions office.