Endowment Funding, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

An endowed gift is a tax deductible contribution that provides a stable base of funding for top priorities of both the naming donor, and the institution, in perpetuity.

Endowments at the Frost School of Music provide scholarship support, help maintain unique learning opportunities and facilitate the growth of the School.

The University of Miami holds endowed gifts in perpetuity. The gift principal is invested, and only a portion of its average annual investment return is used for purposes specified by the donor. The goal is to ensure that the principal maintains its value over time.  A donor who creates an endowed gift today can be confident that it will grow and continue to support the Frost School of Music in the years to come.

Below is a list of some of our existing endowment funds. If you are interested in contributing to these endowment funds, or establishing one of your own, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Director of Development at 305-284-2238.

Frost School of Music Endowment Funds
Abraham Frost Endowed Commission Series
Accompanying and Chamber Music Scholarship Endowment
Adair Choral Studies Program Endowment
Adair Music Scholarship
Alba Rosa Vietor Graduate Fellowship Endowment
Alfred Reed Endowed Scholarship Fund
Andrea Townson Lashar Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Ann Kellogg/SAI Merit Scholarship Fund
Anna Frost Music Scholarship
Arnold and Muriel Rosen Endowed Music Scholarship
Arturo di Filippi Memorial Scholarship Fund
Audrey Love Endowed Music Scholarship
Ben and Frances Miller Music Scholarship Fund
Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program Endowment
Bruce Hornsby Scholarship Endowment
Daniel Harris Voice Scholarship Endowment
Dante B. Fascell Band of the Hour Endowment Fund
David Ewen Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Traficante-Vlachos Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr Ruth L Schmidt Music Education Fund
Dr. Dunkin A. Nelson Memorial Jazz Guitar Endowed Scholarship
Dreyfus Music Endowment Fund
E. Weldon Music Scholarship
Elizabeth Licht Piano Endowment Fund
Evelyn and Phil Spitalny Music Achievement Award
Evelyn and Phil Spitalny Scholarship Fund
Flip Phillips Scholarship Endowment
Florence Pick Endowed Music Scholarship
Frank Scruggs Endowed Music Scholarship
Fred McCall Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Friends of Music Endowed Scholarship
Frost Band of the Hour Endowment Fund
Galison Music String Endowment Fund
George Vigorito Endowed Music Scholarship
Goldie Lotz Music Scholarship
Handleman Company Endowed Scholarship Fund
Harold Zinn Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Harry and Sylvia Mangen Endowed Music Scholarship
Henry A. Duffy Endowed Scholarship
J. Arthur Goldberg Award Endowment
Jane Mary and David Trau Endowed Scholarship Fund
Jay Jensen Music Scholarship Fund
Jay W., John and Thelma S. Jensen Endowed Music Scholarship
Joan O’Steen Scholarship Endowment
John M. Byanskas Scholarship in Applied Music Acc. Technique
Jon Secada Endowed Music Scholarship
Jorge Bolet Piano Endowment
Joseph Handleman Endowed Music Industry Seminar Fund
Julien E. Balogh Woodwind Endowment Fund
Knight Foundation Endowment for Music Programs
Lauren R. Gould Studio Music and Jazz Endowed Scholarship
Lawrence S. Friedman Endowed Music Scholarship
Lee Kjelson Endowed Scholarship
Lillian Brown Endowed Piano Scholarship
Lorraine Sonnabend Endowed Scholarship Fund
M. Lee Pearce Opera Endowment
M. Lee Pearce Orchestra Endowment
M. Lee Pearce String Endowment
Markarian Endowed Voice Scholarship
Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Marta S. and L. Austin Weeks School of Music Endowment
Mary Belle Smathers Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Performance
Maxwell R. Lepper Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Michael Mann-Carmine Parente Scholarship Endowment
Mildred Molans Band Endowment
Moran Family Endowed Music Scholarship
Music Alumni Scholarship Fund
Music Business and Entertainment Industries Endowment Fund
Music Engineering Endowment
National League of American PEN Women Music Endowment
Norman and Evelyn Blankman Endowment
Patricia L. Frost Endowed Professorship in Music
Philip Astor Endowed Scholarship in Musical Theatre
Ralph A. Harris Scholarship Fund
Rita G. Wallach Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Performance
Robert J. Byan Theory-Composition Scholarship Fund
Robert S. Sudick Endowed Music Scholarship
Roger and Virginia Medel Family Music Scholarship Fund
Rosalina Sackstein Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth L. Schmidt Scholarship Fund
Sanford and Dolores Ziff and Family Endowed Music Scholarship
Shrine Music Scholarship Endowed Fund
Silverman Music Merchandising Endowment Fund
Stamps Family Charitable Foundation Endowed Music Scholarship
The Brian Yale/Matchbox Twenty Foundation Endowed Music Scholarship
The Jeanette M. Russell Endowed Music Scholarship
The Martha and Richard McEwen Endowed Music Scholarship
The Ress Family Hospital Performance Project Endowment
The Weldon Family Endowed Music Scholarship
Thomas M. Sleeper Endowed Scholarship
Timothy J.  Miller Music Scholarship
Ward Calland Camp Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Weeks Music Library Maintenance Endowment
William Alston Clark Endowed Scholarship Fund
William Hipp Scholarship Endowment
Windy Haggart Endowed Scholarship Fund

Make a Gift, Change a Life—We Invite You to Make a Difference

Every donation makes a difference in a student’s life and positively impacts the many programs and experiences that make an education from the Frost School of Music so enriching and unique. Your charitable giving supports all of our great initiatives—and for that we are very grateful. To contribute today to one of the funds above, please visit our online giving page. To establish an endowment with a new charitable donation, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Director of Development at 305-284-2238.