We Imagine Greatness, And Inspire It

Where there is music, there is beauty. Where there is beauty, there is passion. Where there is passion, there is cultural advancement, and where there is cultural advancement there is community well being. 

MUSIC defines what it means to be human, like no other art form. It resonates inside our bodies. It binds humans across the globe, and across age groups, regardless of language, nationality, ethnicity or gender.

The skills performers, composers, educators and music researchers need today are different than even 10 years ago. At the Frost School of Music, we offer a unique diversity of majors, and now aim to build the kind of facilities that will help our students become the musical leaders of tomorrow… flexible and open musicians who are well-versed in styles and genres and also possess excellent technology and business skills.

Imagine… a music school that begins with outstanding musicianship at its core…  That’s Frost!

Imagine…students with inquisitiveness about how things work and research that will bring exciting new music technologies to market. That’s Frost!

Imagine…students with a fascination with how music has the power to bind us to others in the world. That’s Frost!

At the Frost School of Music, we don’t just imagine greatness, we inspire it. Our faculty deliver it.  Whatever we imagine for the future, we can do!

We invite you to join us on our journey from great to exceptional.  We invite you to donate to the Momentum 2 Campaign for the Frost School of Music. 

Whatever we imagine, if you invest in us, we WILL get there.

“As a performing musician, I know first hand the impact that music has on the world at large. In my opinion, there is no higher purpose than to devote ones life to this beautiful and essential force. Thank you for supporting our efforts.”

—Shelly Berg, Dean

Make a Gift, Change a Life—We Invite You to Make a Difference

For more information about major legacy naming opportunities during our current Momentum2 capital campaign, or ways to give to the campaign on an annual basis through cash donations or multi-year pledges, please contact Associate Dean for Development .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at 305-284-2819 or Director of Development .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at 305-284-2238.