Lawrence Moore

Title/Position: Lecturer, Electronic Composition


What would you say are the outstanding highlights of your professional life?

I am honored to have had my music performed in events such as two FEASt Festivals, The New West Electronic Art and Music Organization’s 2007 concert, and annual performances in the 12 Nights of Electronic Music and Art series.  Additionally, I was also honored to have some of my pieces selected for the History Channel’s Museum tour of the First Ladies exposition of the lives of presidential first ladies from US history. I was also afforded the opportunity to write the soundtrack for Cruel and Usual, which was awarded an honorable mention in several independent art film festivals.

Why did you choose music as your career?

While a teenager, I was trying to decide between music and science as potential career goals.  I went with the decision that was in my heart, music, because of the creative potential I discovered in studying jazz improvisation on the saxophone.  My improvisational beginnings have grown into a passion for composition and expanding beyond the palette of jazz instruments.  I was reunited with my love for science in studying sound design, musical programming languages, and sound engineering.

Why should a potential student choose the University of Miami?

UM offers a wide array of fields of study in music and has strong, experienced faculty in each of these areas.  Students can hone their craft in their selected areas of interest and also be exposed to a good education in other areas of music that may have an interest about as well.  With the quality of student that attends the university, students will meet and make acquaintances with the future performers, writers, producers, and music business people of tomorrow. 

How were you influenced by your teachers?

From Tom Strohman, Professor of Saxophone at Lebanon Valley College, I learned a strong work ethic in the practice room rehearsal room, and stage.  He also helped me develop my abilities in reaching an eclectic listening audience with my music.

From Paul Barsom, Professor of Composition at Penn State University, I learned about a myriad of compositional approaches and composers of note from the modern era.  He helped me to bring my compositional skills to a whole new level of maturity and profundity.

From Raul Murciano and David Hilberry at the University of Miami, I learned commercial writing and production skills that have allowed me to bring the studio production quality of my music to a top notch level.

What do you expect from students at the Frost School of Music?

From the students of UM, I expect and have found a strong, background in the fundamentals of music, ranging from theory, history, and performance practice.  The students are well-educated in their general knowledge of music outside their individual specialties.  They are also hungry to learn and see me as a mentor who has their professional advancement in mind and aspire to take advantage of the opportunity to further themselves in their studies.

Short Biography:

Lawrence W. Moore is a lecturer teaching electronic music courses in the Department of Music Theory and Composition at the University of Miami Frost School of Music.  These courses include MIDI Control Systems, Multimedia for Musicians, Introduction to the Electronic Music Studio, Digital Synthesis and more.  An art music composer who specializes in the production of electro-acoustic music, he also generates sounds and program software components for the production of music. He has an eclectic background in music, ranging from saxophone performance to studio engineering and production.  Dreams Become Fibers, his latest piece, has been performed at Vanguard Miami 2012.  Another recent piece, Angel Wing, has been performed at the 13th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College in March 2012. Dr. Moore earned a DMA in Composition and MM in Media Writing and Production from the University of Miami; a MM in Composition and Theory plus a MM in Saxophone Performance from Penn State University, and a BA in Music from Lebanon Valley College. He produces electronic music through his independent label, Wayfarer Music. His music is performed at electronic music festivals and he composed the soundtrack for “Cruel and Usual” that was awarded honorable mention in several independent art film festivals. His music has also been featured on the History Channel’s Museum documentary “First Ladies” about presidential first ladies from U.S. history.

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