October 21, 2011 @ 8:00 PM
UM Maurice Gusman Concert Hall

The Sound of Miami
Descarga-Funk Latin Jam Band Serves Up a Multicultural Musical Cocktail

Amin De Jesus, vocals/MC
Michelle Forman, vocals
Juan Turros, sax, flute
Chad Bernstein, trombone, conch shells
Allan Ramos, percussion
Eric Escanes, guitar
Carlos Guzman, bass

¡Suénalo! (sweh-nah-low) is the premier Latin jam band in Miami, with a vivid sound that reflects the different cultures that shape the region. The New Times says, “This eight-piece act embraces funk, hip-hop, cumbia, timba, jazz, Caribbean rhythms, and whatever else that fits…a true musical melting pot, with members who hail from Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, and different parts of the United States. Simply put, these musicians see no borders when it comes to music.” Truly a must–see concert!



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