Jazz Guitar Ensembles


The three performing Jazz Guitar Ensembles (currently: MSJ 169, 170, and 171) directed by Randall Dollahon are small ensembles consisting (usually) of five electric guitars, bass, and drums. These groups rehearse regularly under the supervision of a coach, working on arrangements (ranging across a wide variety of contemporary guitar styles) especially written for this instrumentation by their instructors, and the students themselves. Learning benefits to the students include experience in reading music of many styles and varying degrees of complexity, and the development of the ability to blend well with the other musicians in the group in order to enhance the overall sound. These groups play in public, and occasionally, record.

Another ensemble, Jazz Guitar Sightreading Workshop I & II (MSJ 172-173), is actually a year-long course in the development of sightreading skills. This group does not perform, but concentrates on the development of skills that would be useful in the performing ensembles above.

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