The Other Music Ensemble


The "Other Music Ensemble" is a contemporary ensemble directed by Dennis Kam that premieres and performs new works by student composers from the Frost School of Music. The instrumentation is varied and changes every semester.

The “Other Music Ensemble” was established to provide a contemporary ensemble performance resource for composition students at the Frost School of Music, as well as granting an opportunity for interested instrumentalists to gain experience rehearsing and performing truly “new” music. The ensemble is varied in its makeup, and changes every semester. Its primary function is to perform recent compositions by student composers.

It is also a very active ensemble performing at the Festival Miami’s Emerging Composer’s concert, student composition recitals as well as a regular series of “Music at Twilight” concerts held at dusk several times throughout the year. The ensemble is directed by Composition Department chair Dennis Kam, supported by additional graduate conductors from the School.

Known for its aesthetic diversity and openness to the wide variety of options existing in the ever-changing and progressive world of composition, the Composition Program at the Frost School of Music has a long tradition of distinguished faculty, alumni and students.

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