1. Frost Chorale

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      The premier choral ensemble at the Frost School of Music, the Frost Chorale performs the entire canon of choral music, gives world premieres, makes acclaimed recordings, and travels both nationally and abroad. The Chorale has appeared at regional and national conventions, and regularly joins professional orchestras to perform the great choral-orchestral repertoire.

      Course number:  MVP…

    2. Frost Opera Theater

      Feature listing thumbnail Frost Opera Theater recognizes that today’s opera world is vibrant, eclectic, and ever-changing—offering tomorrow’s opera singer multiple career choices of tradition and innovation.
    3. Frost Symphonic Choir

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      The newest ensemble in the choral studies program, this group is dedicated to the distinctive and varied repertoire for large choir. The Symphonic Choir collaborates regularly with the Frost Symphony Orchestra.

      Course number:  MVP 180/680, Section C
      Symphonic Choir meets MWF 10:10-11:05

    4. Frost Chamber Singers

      Feature listing thumbnail This dynamic ensemble performs a wide range of choral repertoire at beautiful concert venues throughout the community and on the University of Miami campus.
    5. Frost Cantilena

      Feature listing thumbnail Frost Cantilena Women's Chorus sings a wide variety of choral repertoire from all musical eras in concerts that thrill audiences throughout the community.
    6. Frost Maelstrom

      Feature listing thumbnail Frost Maelstrom is a diverse men's chorus that explores varied repertoire from wide-ranging musical eras.