The L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance

The L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance is located on Lake Osceola in the center of the Coral Gables campus, central to the Frost School of Music. It houses the L. Austin Weeks Recording Studio and the Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall. The Weeks Center is named in honor of the late L. Austin Weeks, a cherished and generous donor to the University of Miami.

L. Austin Weeks Recording Studio
The Weeks Recording Studio, one of the best academic recording studios in the world, is the home of the Music Engineering program. Recording sessions, recital recordings, and many practical laboratories are held here. Students participate fully in the maintenance, modification, installation, and design of all systems. Hands-on laboratories provide students with practical experience in recording studio technique.

The Weeks Recording Studio’s sound chamber features a 20-foot ceiling, two isolation rooms, assignable microphone panels, audio/video playback, and a Steinway grand piano. The audio equipment in the studio was installed by enrolled students working under faculty supervision; this included installation of components, console wiring, fiber optic network, as well as general maintenance and improvement.

Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall
Located within the L. Austin Weeks Center for Recording and Performance, the 147-seat Victor E. Clarke Recital Hall is used daily for recitals, concerts, and ensemble performances. It was specifically designed to provide an intimate performance setting. Its acoustics are variable so that a wide range of music can be performed with optimal listening and recording conditions. Each year, many recitals and concerts are presented here.

The Clarke Recital Hall was designed by noted acoustician Charles Boner, and is equipped with heavy draperies that can be opened and closed to provide optimal acoustics for a variety of musical styles. This recital hall is provided with a small adjacent recording studio and also interfaces with the larger Weeks Recording Studio. In addition, a RealAudio server computer is used to stream live concerts from this hall on the Frost School of Music web site.