Opera 2.0

With new technology and new subject matter but all the familiar drama, a 500-year-old art form is making its grand leap into the 21st century.

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Strings for Adults

* All adults
* Violin, viola, cello and double bass
* Private instrumental instruction
* Chamber music group instruction
* 12 weeks/ per semester
* UMSA Student Concert presentation

The Vivaldi Group ($600)
 Individual Instrumental Instruction
 Chamber Music Instruction

The Haydn Group ($230)
 Chamber Group Instruction only

The Schubert Group ($400)
 Individual Instrumental Instruction only

Time and Duration: 45 minute per week for each instruction/ between Mon-Sat according to teacher’s and students’ schedules

About chamber group: Preformed group as string duet,
trio, quartet, quintet, sextet with stringed instrument orchestration.

Audition: No audition is required.

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