Entering the Online Frontier

"Frost Online" makes the Frost School the first school at the University of Miami to offer the accessibility and flexibility of the virtual classroom.

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Performance Opportunities in the Piano Preparatory Program

The Piano Preparatory Program believes in providing many different performance opportunities to all students.  Listening and performing for others gives us inspiration and the desire to be better musicians.

Studio Classes
Studio Classes are informal recitals held two to three times a semester.  The classes are a chance for students to gain performance experience in a relaxed environment.  The Piano Preparatory Program family comes together for a pizza party held after the class.  This is a wonderful chance for the families and students to meet and hear others perform.

Final Recital
The final recital is formal and held at the end of the second semester in Gusman Concert Hall on the University of Miami- Frost School of Music.  The students generally perform two polished works by memory.  An award ceremony takes place at the end of the recital.

Composition Recital
Students enrolled in Theory Levels 2 through Advanced take part in the Composition Recital during the spring semester.  Students learn how to compose and perform their own piece of music.

Master Classes
Master Classes are held at least once a semester.  Students are required to audition for the class.  Professors from the University of Miami- Frost School of Music and faculty of the Piano Preparatory Program conduct the Master Classes.  All students are encouraged to attend.