Moving Young Minds

Moving Young Minds

A growing body of research shows that music and movement build children’s minds in important ways. Two UM School of Music faculty members are harnessing…

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Piano Preparatory Program Family Fun Nights

Family Fun Nights are evenings dedicated to enriching parents about their child’s musical studies.  Various topics ranging from “How to practice with your child” to “Steps to preparing for a performance or competition” will be covered.  While parents are learning, students have the opportunity to socialize with other students in the program and play music games.  Light refreshments will be served.

Dates: check back soon for 2013-2014 dates


How Many Minutes and Days Each Week?

Structured Practice Time: Exercises, Scales, New Piece, Review Piece

Mindless Practice vs. Effective Practice

Spot Practice, Slow Practice, Start in Middle of Piece, Practice in Rhythms

Setting Practice and Performance Goals

Practice Away from the Piano

Performance Practicing: Play the Piece Beginning to End without Stopping

Parent Involvement: Sitting in during Practice Sessions and Lessons

Tips to Encourage Practicing: Timers, Weekly Calendars, Having Specific Assignments, Keeping the Practice Time the Same Each Day, Penny Game, Playing Popular Fun Pieces the Student Knows-Good for Sight-Reading

Healthy Practicing: Stretching, Sitting Properly-Developing Good Habits