John Easterlin

The Art of Comprimario

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s multi-Grammy-and-Emmy-winning, Guinness World Record holder John Easterlin transforming his way into another supersized…

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Donna E. Shalala MusicReach Program – Fun, Educational, Inspiring The Community Education and Engagement Program at the Frost School of Music, providing musical experiences for students throughout Miami–Dade.

Our mission is to:

1. Promote the healthy growth and development of individuals through the study, practice, and performance of music.

2. Build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of individuals through music.

3. Develop individuals as musical ambassadors of peace, hope, and understanding amongst people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Frost School of Music students serve as mentors, teachers, and role models in our programs and projects. These experiences provide Frost students with the chance to develop and enhance their music teaching and performance skills in authentic situations. These experiences help to better prepare Frost students for a future as successful, aware, and socially responsible members of the professional music community.

The Donna E. Shalala MusicReach Program at the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music values the importance of a multi-tier mentoring model. It was named in honor of former University of Miami president Donna E. Shalala, through a generous gift from benefactors Phillip and Patricia Frost.

Frost undergraduate students are paired with graduate students to teach classes within each program. These experiences allow graduate students to serve as lead teachers while also guiding and mentoring undergraduate students in their teaching. Additional graduate students from the Frost School serve as supervisors overseeing each program. These experienced graduate students help with curriculum development, implementation, and teacher guidance.

For information on how to support the Shalala MusicReach Program by sponsoring a mentor scholarship, please contact Lynne Gibson at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 305-284-2238.

Attend the annual Winter Wonderful Frost Holiday Dinner which provides music lovers from all over the world with a meaningful giving opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of young musicians in the Shalala MusicReach program who want to pursue a career in music at the most innovative and relevant music school in the country, yet need financial assistance to do so.



The Barnyard and Virrick Park - Coconut Grove
The Barnyard and Virrick Park run in partnership with Miami-Dade District 7 and City of Miami Parks and Recreation. Both organizations are dedicated to building a better community for the children and families of West Coconut Grove. Students participate in general music, group string lessons, and ensemble performances.
Link to The Barnyard Website:
Link to Virrick Park:

Ludlam Elementary - South Miami
The Ludlam Strings Program was created in 2012 to revive string education in a school that had seen its orchestra eliminated due to budget cuts. This regenerative endeavor offers music training and performance opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students.
Link to Ludlam Elementary School:

Frederick Douglass Elementary – Overtown
Frederick Douglass Elementary is a unique music education program being implemented in partnership with the Overtown Music Project. In line with the history of the Overtown area, students are immersed in a jazz based learning environment. Classes include general music and small group instrumental classes on Drumming, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Trombone.
Link to Overtown Music Project:
Link to Frederick Douglass Elementary:

West Lab Band and String Program – Coral Gables
The West Lab Band and Strings program began when Patricia Frost was the school’s principal and continues to offer musical training and performance opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students.
Link to West Lab:


Mays Conservatory – Goulds
Mays Conservatory is a site that offers a wide variety of individual and group lessons as well as performances. MusicReach will also provide afterschool strings for local elementary students in the Mays area.
Link to Mays Conservatory Website:

2-1 Mentoring Program, Frost School of Music – Coral Gables
Developed in collaboration with the Frost School of Music, Arts for Learning, and Greater Miami Youth Symphony, this innovative 2-1 mentoring program provides highly effective mentoring for at-risk junior high and high school students. For four years, musically inclined students are ‘adopted’ by talented freshman from the Frost School of Music. Teaching mentors provide weekly music lessons, performances opportunities, and life guidance.
Link to Greater Miami Youth Symphony Website:
Link to Mentoring Program Video:


Outbound in the Schools
Chamber ensembles representing various departments of the Frost School of Music present hour-long multi-genre concerts in over 12 underserved schools throughout South Florida each year. These concerts bring a unique hands-on experience to students who might be denied the arts for various reasons. Past concerts have featured topics such as Classical Meets Jazz, American Bluegrass, and Introduction to Opera.

Sunday Sounds at Fairchild Garden
Select Sundays from September through April, Frost School students and faculty perform chamber music and lecture-concerts at the breathtaking Fairchild Gardens in Pinecrest. These concerts are open to the public and aim to provide both a concert and educational experience for the listener.
Link to Fairchild Garden Website:
Select Sundays from 1pm-2pm

Music in the Arboretum
Every third Wednesday of the month from October through April, chamber ensembles representing various departments of the Frost School of Music present free hour-long concerts for the community.
Link to Gifford Arboretum:
Select Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm

Ress Family Hospital Performance Project
Funded by Lewis and Esta Ress of North Miami in 2002, the project’s main goal is to facilitate live music performances to create a positive atmosphere in hospital settings. Students from the Frost School of Music perform in different hospital settings from pediatric hospitals to oncology units. These performances offer multiple benefits such as stress relief and anxiety reduction. The Ress project brings the gifts of music to patients who love and appreciate performances.
Link to Ress Project Facebook site:
Link to Frost School of Music site:


Shalala MusicReach at Festival Miami
Festival Miami provides tickets for hundreds of Miami-Dade students to attend Frost School of Music concerts. Students have the opportunity to meet guest artists, have their picture taken and ask questions. These events provide an exciting opportunity to experience music at it’s finest.

Opera for All
Opera for All provides tickets for hundreds of Miami-Dade students to attend two educational opera events at the Frost School of Music each year. Educational materials that introduce the elements of the opera are provided and students have the opportunity to meet the characters and orchestra members.

Side-by-Side Events
Side-by-Side events give aspiring young musicians the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform “side-by-side” Frost School of Music student ensembles such as the Frost Studio Jazz Band and Frost Symphony Orchestra.

New Programs in 2015

South Miami High School, a Title 1 arts magnet high school. Shalala MusicReach will provide private and small group instruction to band and orchestra students.

Branches-South Miami, An after-school program located in the South Miami CRA neighborhood. Shalala MusicReach will provide after-school vocal and drumming lessons.

Little Havana, Centro Mater and the Leadership Learning Center. Two after-school programs located in Little Havana. Shalala MusicReach will provide after-school modern band instruction.

Strings Boot Camp, a two-week free summer strings camp offered at Mays Conservatory for Mays students and area elementary school students.

Pine Villa Elementary, Shalala MusicReach will provide beginning strings and modern band at this Title 1 elementary school located directly behind Mays Conservatory.
For information on how to support Shalala MusicReach, please contact:

Melissa Lesniak
Phone: 305-284-6755
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For information on how to support Shalala MusicReach by sponsoring a mentor scholarship or by attending the Winter Wonderful Frost Holiday Dinner, please contact Lynne Gibson at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 305-284-2238.