Strings Applicants: Cello, Double Bass, Viola, Violin

The University of Miami Frost School of Music has an outstanding strings program and world-class faculty on every instrument. We look forward to meeting you at your audition.


All candidates:

    •  One etude of applicant’s choice.
    •  Any scale and arpeggio, three or four octaves.

Performance major:

    •  First movement of a cello concerto from the standard repertoire such as: Elgar 1st and 2nd movements (both) or the last movement, Dvorak, Haydn D, Schumann, Shostakovich.
    •  Any two movements of a Bach Suite.

All other majors:

    •  One solo piece or movement from a Bach Suite.
    •  Movement from a Concerto.

Double Bass:

All candidates:

One required scale: Any 2 octave major or minor scale with arpeggio.

One required solo (choose from the following): 1st Mvt. of a concerto, sonata, etc. on the level of:
    •  Capuzzi, “Concerto in F Major Mvt. 1”
    •  Dragonetti, “Concerto Mvt. 1”
    •  Marcello, “Sonata No. 2 in E minor”
    •  Bach, Sterling ed. Bourees I and II from Suite No. 3

Two required Orchestra excerpts: Beethoven, “Symphony No. 5 Scherzo and Trio”

Choose 1 (one) of the following excerpts:
    a.  Wagner, “Prelude to Die Meistersingers”
    b.  Mozart, “Symphony No 40 Mvt 1: twenty measures before letter C to five measures after letter C (Zimmerman ed.)
    c.  Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 Mvt. IV: Recitative followed by 16 of the Ode to Joy (the second “Allegro assai”)

Optional: Any etude on the level of: Sturm Book 1, or Simandl 30 etudes.


All candidates:

Any 3-octave major or minor scale with arpeggio.

An etude from any one of the following: Kreutzer, Campagnoli, Rode.

Two contrasting movements from the Six Suites for Cello of J.S. Bach, Transcribed for Viola.  One movement should be a Prelude. Performance majors should play from memory.

A movement from one of the following:

Performance major:

Suggested level of repertoire:
    •  Bach, “Six Suites for ‘Cello,” transcribed for viola
    •  Bloch, “Suite Hebraique”
    •  Brahms, “Sonata in F minor” or “Eb Major”
    •  Stamitz, “Concerto in D”
    •  Hoffmeister, “Concerto in D”
    •  Schubert, “Apreggione” Sonata
    •  Walton, “Concerto”
    •  Bruch, “Romanze”

All other majors:

Suggested level of repertoire:
    •  Bach, “Six Suites for Cello” transcribed for viola
    •  Telemann, “Concerto in G Major”
    •  Stamitz, “Concerto in D”
    •  Bruch, “Romanze”


All candidates:

Any major scale. Play 3 octaves: slowly for tone and intonation (3 to a bow); faster for technique and intonation (6 to 12 to a bow).

Two contrasting solos or slow and fast movements from a concerto or sonata.

Performance major:

Suggested repertoire (pieces of similar difficulty acceptable):

Any movement(s) from
    •  J.S. Bach,“Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas”
    •  Bruch, “Concerto”
    •  Mozart, “Concerti #3, #4, and #5”
    •  Mendelssohn, “Concerto in E minor”
    •  Lalo, “Symphonie Espagnole”

Suggested short pieces:
    •  Corelli, “La Folia”
    •  Kreisler, “Prelude and Allegro”
    •  Vitali, “Chaccone”

All other majors:

Suggested level of repertoire: any movement(s) from
    •  Vivaldi, “Concerto in A minor or G minor”
    •  Bach, “Concerto in A minor”
    •  Haydn, “Concerto in G Major or C Major”
    •  Nardini, “Concerto”
    •  Handel, “Sonatas,” any two movements.