All applicants will be judged on their individual style, musicianship, and technique. No preference will be given to proponents of any school of technique.

The following repertoire is recommended but works of similar difficulty may be substituted.

Etude - one etude from the following choices:
Any of the 40 Bochsa etudes; Larivere exercises and etudes; Naderman, Posse, or etudes and studies of equivalent difficulty.

Solo - two contrasting solos (or movements from a larger work) from the following choices:
Handel, “Concerto in Bb Major”; Dussek, “Sonata in C minor”; Debussy, “Danse Sacree”; and any solo work by Hasslemans, Salzedo, Grandjany, or Tournier, or of equivalent difficulty.

Two orchestral excerpts from the following:
Cadenza from Tchaikovsky, “Nutcracker Suite”; cadenza from Rimsky- Korsakov, “Capriccio Espagnol”; “Ball” movement from Berlioz, “Symphonie Fantastique”; Strauss, “Don Juan”; harp solo from Donizetti, “Lucia di Lammermoor”; or Adagietto movement from Mahler V; or Britten, “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.”