Domestic and International Freshmen / Transfer Students

All applicants to the University of Miami Frost School of Music must complete the University of Miami Application through the

Frost School of Music applicants are required to submit the music supplemental application. The supplemental form is available to you on the Art Supplement tab of your common app. Respond ‘yes’ to the question about being a Frost applicant in order to view the Art Supplement tab.

Applicants wishing to audition for jazz or contemporary instrument/voice must pass a pre-screening (online) and be invited to audition. Click here for Pre-screening/music audition requirements.

Entrance for freshmen and transfer students is for the fall semester only. The Frost School of Music is not on rolling admission and does not participate in the University’s Early Decision.

All students must be recommended for admission to the Frost School of Music by the Faculty Audition Committee. Final acceptance to the University of Miami is made by the University of Miami Office of Admission after all materials requested by that office and the Frost School of Music have been received and evaluated. Financial aid and/or music scholarships are awarded after the student receives final acceptance from the University's Office of Admission.

For a checklist of requirements please click one of the following options:
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For program/curriculum information please visit the University of Miami Bulletin.

Transfer Admission/Credits

Admission as a transfer student requires a 3.0 grade point average from one’s previous school.

Generally, credit will be granted toward graduation for academic classes in which a student received a grade of C or better at an accredited institution. After a student has passed the audition and has been accepted to the University, the University Office of Admission evaluates the transcript and determines the University of Miami equivalents. During orientation, transfer students meet with the Assistant Dean of the Frost School of Music, who determines which transferred courses will be counted toward the desired major.

A music theory placement exam determines the appropriate level of theory. The Assistant Dean validates prior music credits. It is helpful to bring a syllabus for each music class taken at another school. Based on the jury exam at the end of the first semester, the faculty determine the level of study on the instrument or voice.