Mission Statement of the Frost School of Music

As one of the most comprehensive music units in American higher education, and as a free-standing school within a major research university, the Frost School of Music perpetuates a historic commitment to the values inherent in the juxtaposition of professional and general studies in undergraduate curricula.  The comprehensiveness of the School’s undergraduate and graduate programs manifests a philosophy that places importance upon establishing and maintaining connections between its instructional and associated activities and the broad spectrum of music and music-related fields for which it seeks to prepare its students.

The mission of the Frost School of Music is:
 –To provide students with a highly innovative, inspiring and relevant education so that they can be leaders in the world of music; 
 –Contribute to the advancement of music performance, creativity and scholarship;
 –Have a transformative effect on the community through engagement and outreach, and;
 –Enrich the world with vibrant, innovative and brilliant cultural offerings.

Goals of the Frost School of Music

Implicit in the mission of the Frost School of Music are specific goals relevant to music majors, other University students, music faculty, and broader external constituencies.

The four primary goals are:
 –To provide music majors with a high quality pre-professional education,
 –To provide opportunities for other University students to increase their musical skills, understanding, and appreciation,
 –To provide the music faculty with opportunities for creative activity and scholarly inquiry, and
 –To serve as an educational and cultural resource for the University, South Florida, and global communities.