Attend the Frost School of Music to Prepare for Tomorrow

Warm Greetings from All of Us at the Frost School of Music.

I’d like to personally welcome your exploration of the transformative Frost School of Music. This is a dynamic place, where brilliant students and faculty mentors come together to change the world of music. In this website, you will discover that our offerings are the most diverse in the nation, all with a stunning degree of excellence.

More importantly for you, we break down the walls between the disciplines, so that you can experience and learn in the full array of our school. The world you will enter upon graduation is far different from that of fifty years ago, ten years ago, or even today. You come to the Frost School to be prepared for tomorrow.

At the core of a great music school are brilliant performance, creativity, and scholarship. These attributes are embodied by the faculty of Frost, which is renowned worldwide. The result of their work is reflected in the acclaimed careers of so many of our alumni, whose accomplishments have changed the landscape in classical, jazz, pop music, opera, and musical theatre. In fact one of our distinguished alums, Bruce Hornsby, has endowed a new curriculum in the School, The Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program.

It is important for a music school to elevate the art itself. Our faculty is doing just that with the design of the new and groundbreaking Frost Experiential Music Curriculum that is training undergraduate students faster and with more relevancy for the profession today. Graduates of our programs in Music Business and Entertainment Industries and Music Engineering Technology are also contributing to the elevation of the musical arts because they are working in leadership positions throughout the music business community. Here at Frost, Cane Records and CAT5 Music Publishing are successful business ventures managed by the students of the School. They leave here already as veterans of the industry. Graduates from our new M.A. in Arts Presenting will go on to manage performing arts venues and festivals and new attorneys trained through our new J.D./M.M. in Music Business will help redefine and protect intellectual property rights for all of us who are creating and recording musical works.

Our Music Education and Music Therapy students are also excellent performers, contributing to the vibrancy of the Frost experience. Upon graduation, they become the finest teachers and practitioners in the field, because brilliant musicianship is at their core.

I am very proud to lead this amazing Frost School, which is a diverse and rich culture. You will never find another music school with so much to offer, housed in a dynamic university environment. Once seated in the Frost School of Music, you will have a ticket to your tomorrow.

The faculty and I hope to get to know you and be able to contribute to your aspirations.


Shelton G. Berg (“Shelly”)
Patricia L. Frost Professor of Music