Genova And Dimitrov—Two-Piano Favorites

October 29, 2014 @ 8:00 PM
UM Gusman Concert Hall

Piano Duo Extraordinaire Plays Chopin and Liszt


Hearing and seeing two pianists perform while facing each other at two nested grand pianos is an auditory and visual delight; the husband-and-wife piano duo, Genova and Dimitrov, brings unforgettable artistry and fiery passion to the stage every time they step into the spotlight. Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov are the artistic directors of the Dranoff International Two Piano Competition. Their playing is described as “Pure Harmony! Captivating” by Berliner Morgenpost and Claudio Abbado called them “THE piano duo of the younger generation.” Hear their brilliant piano magic unfold as they perform two-piano masterworks by Chopin, Arensky, Borodin and Liszt with finesse and fireworks. They will also perform Martha and Mary Meditation by Frost School’s Dean Shelly Berg that was commissioned by St. Martha’s Church in Miami Shores for the most recent Dranoff International Two Piano Competition.


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Sponsored by Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida

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