Emily Estefan— Festival Miami Debut!

February 02, 2017 @ 8:00 PM
UM Gusman Concert Hall

Unique Spin on Originals and Well-Known Popular Music

EMILY ESTEFAN, vocals, guitar, drums

Singer-songwriter Emily Estefan eschews stereotypes and societal expectations through thought-provoking originals, cool harmonies, and world rhythms on her debut album Take Whatever You Want (Alien Shrimp Records/Sony Red). At this concert, check out her unique spin on some well-known popular music and hear selections from her entertaining YouTube Channel. “I want to put out good energy and love, and not be afraid to be my true self in my music,” she says. She recently recorded with Carlos Santana, and wrote the music for “If I Never Got To Tell You,” a new song from the Tony-nominated Broadway musical On Your Feet!  She also premiered her first music video on Entertainment Tonight, and performed an original song “I Just Want It To Be Over” at the Miami Beach 100 Concert, featured on The Today Show.

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