Pablo Menares

Appearing in ¡CELEBRACION! with Gabriel Alegría, Pablo Menares is one of the most important young bass players in Chile. In 2009, he moved from Chile to New York City.  His bass playing is considered to be elegant, musical and lyric, while firmly rooted in swing and polyrhythmic concepts.  Menares has performed and/or recorded with all the of the leading jazz musicians in Chile including: Christian Galvez, Claudio Rubio, Andy Baeza, Esteban Sumar, Martin Joseph, Felipe Riveros, Sebastian Jordan, Giovanni Cultera, and Camila Meza.  He has also performed at major jazz festivals all over South America including the Lapataia Jazz Festival (Uruguay), Mar del Plata Jazz Festival (Argentina), Jazz Peru (Peru), and Providencia Jazz (Chile).  Menares has toured with the Sextet extensively throughout North America, becoming an increasingly important presence in the Afro-Peruvian jazz music scene.

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