Colby Leider

Colby Leider has received prizes and honors from the American Composers Forum, the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges, Princeton University, the International Computer Music Association, and Dartmouth College. He has composed music for the Nash Ensemble of London, Paul Hillier and the Theatre of Voices, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, contrabassist Bertram Turetzky, percussionist Gregory Beyer, and accordionist William Schimmel, and others. Colby’s music is recorded on Innova, ICMA, SEAMUS, Princeton, everglade, and UF labels. His research interests include digital audio signal processing, sound synthesis and spatialization, tuning systems, and alternate controllers for music-making, and he has received research grants from the National Science Foundation, the NVIDIA Corporation, and the University of Miami. Colby chaired the 2004 International Computer Music Conference, and he is co-chairing the 26th Annual Conference of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States in January at the Frost School.

Colby currently works as Associate Professor of Music Engineering at the University of Miami, and he serves as Associate Editor of Computer Music Journal (published by MIT Press). He also works as a consultant in patent-infringement cases involving audio and new media technologies. Colby holds degrees from Princeton, Dartmouth, and the University of Texas, and he makes soap and helps raise 34 animals and two children near the Florida Everglades.

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