Faculty member Scott Flavin conducting the premiere of Senior Evan Goldman's "Wilderness Symphony"

Composition Study

In the Composition Program, aspiring composers develop their compositional skills and identities in today's pluralistic world of composition, learning from an experienced and distinguished faculty with diverse backgrounds and specialties. In addition, they come into contact with ideas related to career options and realities of the compositional profession as well as technical and philosophical issues in the field. The tradition of diversity among its many successful graduates attests to the diversity and breadth of the program.

Our traditional program in Composition is mirrored by our additional innovative degree program in Media Writing and Production. Composition study is also supported by 2 separate professionally maintained studios for media writing and electronic and computer music.

An excerpt from senior Composition major James McDavitt's Clavissimo for 4 percussionists

Purpose of the Program

The composition curriculum is designed to teach students about the wide variety of compositional views, styles and techniques-including the most recent technological advances-available to them.Many rewarding a practical experiences are also gained from opportunities to have compositions performed by musicians and ensembles in the school of music, including the Other Music Ensemble and the Electronic Music Ensemble, both specifically devoted to performance of composers' works.

A weekly Composition Workshop provides students with additional opportunities to share and interact with each other in sessions dealing with technical and more practical topics. Students and exposed to relevant and current issues presented by faculty and guest speakers at a regularly scheduled Composition Forum.

Performance of Throb for 8 percussion by faculty member Scott Stinson