Evan Goldman at the premiere of his “Wilderness Symphony”

Students may choose between two separate areas of compositional study within the department,
Music Composition or Media Writing and Production.

Music Composition

The Bachelor of Music in Composition is designed to (1) provide students with a learning environment conducive to the pursuit, fostering, development, and exchange of ideas and information, particularly as it pertains to music composition, production, and performance; (2) to provide student access varied composition communities; (3) to continue to build upon the Frost School of Music’s reputation as an innovative, forward-thinking, and first-rate center for advanced study; and (4) to maintain the highest educational, professional, and ethical standards.

Goals of the program are (1) to provide students with training to be fluent in basic compositional skills; (2) to help students understand various directions that available to composers in the 21st century; and (3) to help students perform, produce, or realize their music.

Media Writing and Production

The Media Writing and Production track within the Department of Music Theory and Composition curriculum is designed to prepare undergraduate students for the many issues facing today’s commercial music writers and producers. In this specialized program, successful students complete diverse compositional assignments, develop technical and practical skills in the recording studio, and acquire an understanding of the music industry. Prospective students should furnish evidence of outstanding compositional ability as well as basic sequencing and music notation skills.


Bachelor of Music in Composition

Music Theory and Composition (MTC)
Media Writing & Production (MWP

A minor in music composition is primarily intended for students in the Frost School of Music who are pursuing majors in other fields within the Frost School.  Students interested in this minor are required to submit a portfolio to the chairman of the department for approval before declaring the minor. The portfolio should consist of 3 or 4 contrasting works for various combinations of instruments and/or voices.


Master of Music

Master of Music Theory and Composition (MTC)
Master of Media Writing & Production (MWP

Doctor of Musical Arts

Doctor of Musical Arts in Composition (MTC)

Bee Movie - a film to music for cello and marimba by faculty member Lansing McLoskey