The Electronic Music Studio (EMS) is a state-of-the-art favility that provides students with a dynamic studio that is well-suited for mixing, sound design and synthesis, film scoring, multimedia production, MIDI sequencing, and a wide variety of other purposes.  Residing next door to the Media Writing and Production Studio (MWPS), the EMS can function as a stand-alone studio as well as an extension of the MWPS, a full-featured recording studio.  Students who are trained and licensed to use the EMS can book studio time for their own projects. The EMS and MWPS serve both traditional Composition students as well as Media Wrting and Production majors.

The EMS utilizes a 32-channel Pro Tools HD system as its primary interface that works in conjunction with a Yamaha 02R 96 MK II digital mixing console. The MAC G6 computer has a wide variety of software, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, MAX/MSP, Csound, and Soundtrack Pro. The station also features many plugin-based software, such as Kontakt, Absynth, Kore, Reaktor, and Prophecy.


The EMS utilizes a Korg Triton Extreme, an Alesis Andromeda, and a Nord Modular as its primary keyboards. Multiple M-Audio controller keyboards also reside in the studio for software-based instrument control.


The EMS features a Dolby 5.1 speaker system using 5 Genelec 8040A monitors and a Genelec 7050B subwoofer. With dual video monitors and overhead projector system, the EMS serves as an excellent facility for film scoring and multimedia projects.  The EMS also has a wide variety of rack-mounted equipment that include an array of pre-amps, effects processors, and synthesizers.