The electronic music area at the Frost School of Music is a part of the Department of Music Theory and Composition, and serves both composers as well as musicians of all specialties who wish to further their knowledge of music technology. The Electronic Music Studio (EMS) is a state-of-the-art facility where students can expose themselves to a wide variety of hardware and software that are useful for composition, engineering, and production. Located next to the Media Writing and Production Studio (MWPS), the EMS functions both as its own stand-alone mixing and production studio as well as an extenesion of the MWPS, which serves as a recording studio. For more information about the studio, please check out the Electronic Music Studio page.

Courses In Electronic Music

The Frost School of Music offers electronic music courses that are useful for both Composition majors as well as musicians of other specialties. Our courses focus on fundamental knowledge that can then be applied to a wide array of software and hardware applications. Seeing how the field of music technology is constantly changing, our course information is designed to prepare the student to utilize whatever hardware and software they will need or choose to use. For more information on these course offerings, please check out the Electronic Music Courses page.

Electronic Music Ensemble

The Frost School of Music Electronic Music Ensemble (EME) is a performing ensemble that is well-suited for all students who are interested in music technology, electronic musical instruments, music for multimedia performance, and music from the electronic music repertoire both past and present. This ensemble is a learning experience, that exposes students to new and different performance practices, pieces of music, and approaches to music creation. Students that have compositional experience are encouraged to have their own pieces performed by the ensemble. For more information on the ensemble, please check out the Electronic Music Ensemble page.