We believe that music teachers must be both musicians and teachers; thus, competency as a musician is equally as important as having a strong theoretical foundation of music education methodology.

We believe the instructional program should prepare students for teaching all areas of the instructional specialization (e.g. choral, general, instrumental music) while at the same time allowing them to develop a specialization in a given area of music teaching.

We believe the basic theoretical foundations in our series of music education techniques and methods courses should be carefully coordinated and that all of these courses should emphasize sequencing of instruction in terms of student's musical development. This sequence should incorporate ideas drawn from theory, research, and the practical experiences of the faculty and other successful practitioners.

Program Goals

  • Help students develop the musical and teaching competencies necessary to enable them to demonstrate the generic and subject area competencies and the Florida Educational Accomplished Practices (FEAP) for becoming successful music teachers.

  • Enable students to apply the musical and instructional skills developed in the program (and reinforced during field experience and the student internship) to the teaching of music in elementary, middle, and senior high schools. Prepare students to plan and sequence music instruction at all levels.

  • Help students to develop the skills and desire to continue music-making as a lifetime endeavor both personally and professionally.

  • Help students develop skills in integrating information from the diverse professional literature into their teaching.