Music Teachers Can Change Lives

Was it an elementary school teacher who turned you on to music?
Or a middle or high school band director?
Or perhaps the choir director at your church?

No matter who influenced your passion for music, one thing is for sure – music teachers can change lives.

To join the teaching ranks takes years of training and the Frost School’s Department of Music Education and Music Therapy will prepare you well. Our undergraduate music education degrees will certify you to teach choral, instrumental, and general music at the elementary and secondary school levels.

Four years of study are required on your principal instrument/voice as well as participation in Frost School of Music ensembles. The program emphasizes music theory, musicology, conducting, music education methods and techniques courses, field experiences, and internships at elementary and secondary levels. Through your study, you’ll also gain an understanding of the processes involved in musical development and learning, as well as the techniques and materials needed to facilitate successful interactions with students, K-12.

Professional Education and Music Education courses require both observations of and active participation in elementary and secondary school classrooms. The undergraduate program culminates in a complete semester of full‑time teaching in a public school setting, with experience at both the elementary and secondary levels.

Students with an interest in jazz (jazz principals) can develop their skills while pursuing certification. These students audition on their jazz instruments for the jazz faculty and if accepted, they register for special jazz-oriented sections of the Experiential Music Curriculum.

We look forward to discussing a possible future with you here at the Department of Music Education and Music Therapy at the University of Miami Frost School of Music!