Frost Band of the Hour

Discover the Frost Band of the Hour, a great marching band with a rich and storied history.  Discover the U and the Miami Hurricanes!

The Band of the Hour is the marching band of the University of Miami, and its Miami Hurricanes athletic teams. It is referred to as the Frost Band of the Hour in honor of Dr. Phillip Frost and Patricia Frost, generous donors to our marching band program, and the naming donors of the University of Miami Frost School of Music.

Excitement on the Football Field

There is nothing like being on the field for a Canes football game.
The experience of forming the tunnel while the team runs through the smoke is incomparable. Being a member of the marching band brings you closer to the broader university and gives you a performance experience like no other.

Imagine performing for 75,000 people live, and for millions on television! The experience cannot be described.

Band members also travel with the Miami Hurricanes football team to post-season bowl games. This is a tremendous experience, where all expenses are paid by the university and students receive meal money as well. It’s like making it to the “major leagues of band!” In addition, full time UM students who are members of Band of the Hour receive a “performance stipend” for their participation each season.

Band Community

When you join the Frost Band of the Hour, you are joining a band family and university community with whom you will share your college experience. You will immediately become close to 200 other students during our Band Camp the week before the semester begins,which make the adjustment to college easier. Imagine having 200 friends from all different majors and ages before other first-year students even arrive on campus! Band members also rely on older mentors in the band for advice on classes, networking and success strategies in college.

Typical Schedule

The time commitment for the Band of the Hour is much less than the majority of high school bands. We rehearse MWF from 4 - 6 p.m. and on game day mornings, that’s it. The rehearsal schedule is ideal for students to take classes during the day, come to band rehearsal as a “break” from their serious academic pursuits to relax, while still working for a goal. Following rehearsals, band members typically go to the dining hall together, then return to their homework or other projects.

We find that most band members get better grades in the fall semester when they are marching than the spring semester when they are not. The slight extra time spent in the band is a good thing because it necessitates that students manage their time. While we often hear that first-year students are nervous to participate because they must focus on their classes, in fact, the extra time for band participation normally provides a beneficial structure to the day.

No Auditions

Some students are hesitant to join because they’re afraid of auditions. Please note: there are NO auditions required for musicians to join the Band of the Hour, simply prior musical training…and we’ll even teach you to march if you haven’t been in a marching band before! Hurricanettes dancers and flags do take an audition prior to band camp, and drum line members take a quick placement audition for specific instruments. That’s it!

Typical Students

One of the best elements of Band of the Hour is our unity through diversity. The band is comprised of students from all majors on campus, and from virtually every state in the country. There are many pre-med majors, engineers, etc. In fact, more than 75% of the band are not music majors. We seek all interested students and Canes fans to join our ranks. Mixing the wide-eyed excitement of a first-year student with the maturity of a graduate student who is about to enter the work force creates a culture that students can’t experience anywhere else. The band’s GPA is consistently above the all-campus average, and our members include Foote Fellows, Stamps Scholars, Resident Assistants, and other promising leaders.

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